Bmw Engine Rebuilding Information
If you have an engine which you'd like remanufactured, please contact us for an estimate and shipping details. We can transport the engine or the whole vehicle to our workshops and following inspection and remanufacture, ship it back to your location at highly competitive rates, or you can collect it yourself if you wish.

Whilst we have your engine, we will steam clean it, strip it down, pressure test the cylinder head, re-hone and re-bore all moving and static parts as necessary and rebuild to our normal high standard. We'll also guarantee our work for 2 years, or 20,000 miles, whichever
comes first.

We can also build an engine to your exact requirements. We use many race components such as Carrillo rods, ARP bolts and JE Pistons. Please ask for details

Engine Process:

After stripping the engine to bare component level, it is then placed into a cylindrical wash at high temperature and pressure along with cleansing chemicals. This brings the components to a “bright” metal state, by removing carbon deposits and debris.

Following this, we carry out an inspection to ascertain the requirements for bringing the engine back to a serviceable state. This may entail the cylinder block being re-honed and/or re-bored; pistons and/or piston rings being replaced; connecting rods being re-honed; crankshaft reground and/or polished; main and big end bearing shells may need to be replaced and the oil pump reconditioned.

Until we reach this stage, we cannot be certain of the full cost of the remanufacture process. Once we have ascertained the full extent of the work needed, we will inform you immediately.

Cylinder Head:

A visual inspection of a cylinder head is performed once it is stripped down. We will take measurements to check for wear, cracks and for trueness. The head will then be pressure tested and refaced as necessary. We will also check the valve guides for wear and replace these as necessary. The valve seats are machined and new and/or refaced valves are then lapped into the head, following which we will carry out a vacuum test. We reface the valves and followers if necessary and finally, check the camshaft for wear and replaced as required. The engine is then reassembled to completeness with new gaskets and seals.

Please Contact for further details.