About Mr Vanos

After supplying and fitting hundreds of units, you can be be confident we are the Vanos experts. 

We supply the public and trade, including main dealers.

Our M3 and M5 units are fully rebuilt, using the latest in seal technology to ensure years of trouble free motoring. Our exchange units are not simply cleaned and fitted with a solenoid seal kit.

  • A higher grade of composite material is used for the internal seals, which are not available off the shelf.
  • The gears are custom machined to eliminate the dreaded Vanos rattle.
  • We have developed new Vanos gear spring plates, exclusive to Mr Vanos, to eliminate any further chance of timing or noise issues.
BMW Vanos Experts
Supply the public and trade, including main dealers

We are UK based and offer a supply and fit service, nationwide, 7 days a week. All units are tested and rebuilt to a high standard and come with upgraded Viton seals and bolts where applicable.

You can send us your unit for testing and reconditioning, all units are usually sold on an exchange basis.

Far to Travel?

Customers needing to travel any distance are invited to stay over night.

We can arrange this for you at a nominal cost and the hotel is within 2 minutes of our workshops.

If you would like to make an enquiry or require further information please contact us.