E36 M3 Evo / Z3M S50 B32 Vanos

E36 M3 Evo / Z3M S50 B32 Vanos

E36 M3 Evolution Twin Vanos

The Euro 3.2 M3 Vanos has a reputation for fragility. Usually a bill for £2k plus is expected when a new unit is required. We have rebuilt and fitted a large number of these units with excellent results. 
  • A failing M3 Vanos can cause a rough idle and lack of power throughout rev range.
  • The 'growling' noise is not always a sign of failure, however it’s not a sound a high-performance engine should make. This noise will come back without changing several key parts, and custom machine work. Not just a seal kit.
  • Once a Mr Vanos unit has been fitted, we fully expect it to last the life of the car.

Several of the vehicles we have seen have had cam timing issues.


The exhaust cam has been found to be up to 10 degrees out, which is usually down to poor fitting when a brand new Vanos installed. We have found this causes, amongst other things, a poor idle with 'popping' from the exhaust when warm. 

BMW E36 M3

Common Problems:

  • 1996 – 1999 Model
  • Power - 321 BHP
  • Piston Seal Failure
  • Intake Gear ‘Growling’
  • Solenoid / Seals Failure
  • Snapped Pistons
  • Solenoid Cover Bolts Shearing

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What do we do??

The M3 Vanos is completely stripped down and cleaned thoroughly. The oil pump is rebuilt and all of the internal composite piston seals are replaced. Both solenoids are tested and then it is rebuilt using Viton O-rings and High Tensile Bolts.

The gears are modified to address the rattling.

We will sign off the unit as complete following a bench test of 1hour at 150psi.

E36 M3 Evolution Twin Vanos
E36 M3 Evolution Twin Vanos

Supply and Fit

We can either, recondition your unit after you have sent it to us, or supply and fit a reconditioned unit at your address.

This can be completed in one day and we are available 7 days a week for this service.

Mr Vanos offer valve clearance checks while your car is being repaired.

This will include the following:

  • Full Vanos test removal
  • New valve cover gaskets
  • Full Vanos and road testing after fitting
  • Fit Recon Vanos
  • New bolts and seals for Vanos to cylinder head
  • Cam timing reset

Special Offer

With every M3 Evolution Vanos fitted at our workshop you have the option for a half price Oil Service


If your Vanos is not serviceable there will be a surcharge payable. Any further Solenoids are also chargeable per pair.


If you would like to make an enquiry or require further information please contact us.