E46 M3 / Z4M S54 Vanos Oil Pump / Disc

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E46 M3 / Z4M S54 Vanos Oil Pump / Disc

The S54 engine in both the E46 M3 and Z4M has a known issue with the oil pump. The holes in the oil pump are 1mm larger than the tabs on the exhaust sprocket.

This creates an oscillation in the pump itself due to the design of the cams that have cutouts on the lives to ‘snap’ the valves shut. When the tabs break more often than not the broken piece stays in place and no further damage occurs. Worst case, the piece falls out and goes through the timing chain, causing major damage to the engine.

We precisely create new holes at the correct size. This eliminates the issue of the tabs breaking and causing any damage to vanos unit or the engine.

£100 surcharge refunded on receipt of the oil pump/disc.

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