M54 Twin Vanos

M54 Twin Vanos

The Vanos unit is designed to vary the engine intake and the exhaust valve timing to help improve performance of the engine.

Inside the Vanos unit there are 2 pistons and in each piston there are four seals. The seals over time leak oil due to deterioration with the manufacturers seals, which in turn causes the Vanos unit to perform poorly and effect engine performance.

The OEM o-rings are made from Buna, a material that is not suitable to withstand the higher temperatures found in automotive engines. As the piston seals are removed the OEM o-rings can be found to be extremely hard and in some cases splitting.

BMW Twin Vanos
BMW Twin Vanos

The long term solution is to use our 'Vanos Seal Kit' to replace the OEM Buna o-rings with Viton o-rings. These are more commonly found in the automotive industry and are able to withstand the environmental affects within the Vanos units better. This, along with our custom manufactured PTFE rings, make sure that your performance is factory restored and will last the LIFETIME of the engine, not the manufacturers warranty period.

Each Vanos is fully rebuilt with custom machine work to eliminate the rattling noises.

High performance seals and O-rings are installed to restore lost power and increase the life of the unit. Our units are far stronger and longer lasting than standard and will take much more abuse.

Supply and Fit

We can either recondition your unit after you have sent it to us or supply and fit a unit, subject to stock availability.

We will come to you and fit a reconditioned unit. We complete this in a day and will include the following

  • Full Vanos Test Before Removal
  • Fit Reconditioned Vanos
  • Cam Timing Reset
  • New Rocker Cover Gaskets
  • New Chain Tensioner Gasket
  • New Bolts & Seals for Vanos To Cylinder Head
  • Full Vanos & Road Test After Fitting
BMW Twin Vanos

If you would like to make an enquiry or require further information please contact us.