E46 M3 Vanos / Z4M S54 Vanos Repair

E46 M3 Vanos / Z4M S54 Vanos Repair

2000 - 2006 E46 M3 (S54)

The S54 Vanos is known for rattling, and a rebuild is a much cheaper option than new. If you're looking for an inexpensive alternative to a new E46 M3 Vanos from the dealer, we can provide a fully rebuilt unit with reconditioned solenoid pack at a fraction of dealer prices.

The timing chain is now showing as a weak point on the S54, we have seen numerous issues with these. It is a major job to replace usually, involving cylinder head removal to gain access to the lower timing cover. We have now developed a method of replacing the chain at the same time as a vanos replacement. The main reason for the chain stretch is due to small plastic guide that breaks and doesnt allow the main hydraulic tensioner to function correctly. This puts more tension on the chain than it should have and therefore it stretches.

Another well known problem is down to the 12 bolts that hold the cam wheels to the cam. They are working loose and eventually snapping. There are 6 per cam and if they fail then the engine would be destroyed.

The E46 M3 Vanos comes fully rebuilt with a reconditioned solenoid pack. This package is exactly the same as that sold by an official dealer, but ours is less than half the price.


All our vanos work comes with 2 years warranty.

BMW E46 M3 S54

Common Problems:

2000 - 2006 E46 M3 (S54) Vanos Unit

  • Diesel noise / rattling on start-up or when warm
  • Vanos Gear ‘Growling’
  • Solenoid / Seals Failure
  • Snapped Vanos pistons
  • Snapped spline gears

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What do we do??

We offer a UK, nationwide fitting service for all the S54 vanos units. 

You can also come to our workshop to have the Vanos fitted to your car

The full service will include

  • Fitting of a fully rebuilt Vanos unit with solenoid pack
  • New Vanos gear spring plates
  • High tensile bolts fitted to both camshaft chain wheels
  • New upper timing chain guide
  • Genuine BMW vanos sealing plate
  • All assoc. Vanos gaskets.
  • The option for a new timing chain to be fitted
BMW E46 M3 S54



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